4 Ağustos 2008 Pazartesi

Escape From Monkey Island hilesi

Mr. Cheese' in size katılması için vermeniz gereken doğru cevaplar.
S = Soru
C = Cevap

S: Today, by myself, twelve people I have beaten.
C: By the size of your gut, I'd guess they were eaten.

S: I've got muscles in places you've never heard of.
C: Too bad none of 'em are in your arms!

S: Give up now, or I'll crush you like a grape!
C: I would if it would stop your WINE-ING.

S: My ninety-eight year old grandmother has bigger arms then you.
C: Yeah. But we both got better bladder control then you do.

S: I'm going to put your arm in a sling!
C: Why, ya studying to be a nurse?

S: My stupefying strength will shatter your ulna into a million pieces!
C: I'm surprised you can count that high.

S: Hey, look over there!
C: Yeah, yeah, I know, it's a three-headed monkey.

S: Your knuckles I'll grind to a splintery paste!

C: I thought that bean dip had strange taste.

S: Your arms are no bigger than fleas I have met.
C: So that's why you're scratching, I'd go see a vet.

S: People consider my fists lethal weapons.
C: Sadly, your breath should be equally reckoned.

S: Only once have I met such a coward!
C: He must've tought you everything you know!

S: You're the ugliest creature I've ever seen in my life!
C: I'm surprised you never gazed at your wife.

S: My forearms have been mistaken for tree trunks.
C: An over-the-counter defoliant could help you with that problem.

S: I've out-wrestled octopi with these arms!
C: I'm sure that humbled creatures everywhere are humbled by your might!

S: Do I see quivers of agony dance on your lip?
C: It's laughter that's caused by your feathery grip.

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